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The Zero-Suits Project is a crowd-funded set of online resources that provide candid stories and judgment free tips for artists navigating their  creative endeavors while educating supporters about some of the things that make artists tic.
Through a podcast, videos, and write-ups, two artists—PhD candidate, producer, rapper, and Metroid enthusiast, Sammus as well as YA author Lanre Akinsiku—remove their armor to discuss the highs and lows of their new journey as full-time artists in Philly.

The Zero-Suits Podcast Situation is a free monthly podcast through which rapper Sammus and fiction writer Lanre explore all of the difficult questions that creators struggle with: how will I know that something is done? How do I deal with my insecurities? Each episode also includes inspirational things to check out as well as an affirmation for you to recite.

In the monthly bonus episodes, which are available for $5+/month through patreon, the hosts reflect on their own works as a way to pursue deeper questions about creativity, style, and purpose.

Zero-suits TV offers short monthly episodes that answer questions that many artists might have like, "Should I get a manager?" "Is an MFA worth it?" "How do I plan a tour?" Zero-Suits TV also offers a platform for Sammus and Lanre to communicate with supporters in a live setting.


The topics discussed in Zero Suits TV are often expanded upon in the Zero-suits Digest, a series of write-ups that are available for $2+/month through patreon.

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Through the generous contributions of 80+ monthly supporters Zero-Suits offers free and subscription based resources for creatives.
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Meet The Squad

Sammus aka Enongo

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Hi, I'm Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo and I'm a PhD candidate at Cornell University from Ithaca, NY. I'm probably better known by my stage name Sammus (based on the main character from one of my fave video games, Metroid). I use that stage name in my other life as a rapper and producer whose put out a few albums, toured the US a couple times, and had some neat write-ups in places like The New York Times. Looking forward to sharing what I know with you!


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Hey, my name Lanre Akinsiku and I'm a YA author and a fiction writer from Oakland, CA. I received my MFA from Cornell University in 2015 and have since then written four YA books published by Penguin as well as a few pieces including this one for NPR. Working on my next thing.

Oh, and I love George Saunders.


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Hi! I'm Ken. Ken Burns. I'm a betta fish who is excecutive producing the Zero-Suits Podcast Situation. I am the brains behind this operation.

I really love having my tank cleaned, eating bloodworms, and hiding in my shell. Looking forward to sharing my deep knowledge of the creative process with you!